Eurocaps factory shot

New Product Development

We are experts in the science of making softgels and gummies; our highly skilled Development Scientists and Engineers are continually developing new ways of formulating and manufacturing to keeps EuroCaps at the forefront of softgel and gummy technology.

Our product development team plays a key role in our organisation turning concepts into reality. Working closely with our customers, our Development Scientists can ensure that bespoke softgels and gummies are developed that satisfy all customer requirements plus product label claim, regulatory, dietary and shelf life requirements.

The objective of the development team is to help our customers create good quality, efficacious and profitable products and then ensure these are able to be manufactured to our high standards in our factory. This is achieved by building on ideas and using our well established ‘Formulation Rules’ in conjunction with many years of experience to develop the finished product.

Our Development department works hand-in-hand with our Supply Chain team and together we are able to source a wide range of nutritional raw materials – from typical every-day vitamins and minerals to new and innovative Nutraceutical materials. We source materials from around the world and investigate new materials and new concepts to present to our customers.

Our Development Team lead our projects to bring new formats to market. They have been instrumental in development of our specialities such as Softburst™ chewable capsules, Vegesoft® vegetarian softgels, Vegesoft® vegetarian chewable softgels, EnteriSoft-1Step delayed release softgels and our nutritional gummies. Their skill and expertise are also essential in the continued development of our taste technology for our nutritional gummies and Softburst™ chewable softgels.

Please contact us to discuss your product or development needs.