Algigel softgels are another innovation from EuroCaps. In partnership with the inventor, EuroCaps has developed this unique, patented delayed release softgel technology.

Unlike conventional delayed release softgels, which require a secondary coating process, resulting in a hazy appearance and a more expensive softgel, Algigel utilises Alginate, a material from seaweed, in the softgel manufacturing process, to produce a perfectly clear, one step process, delayed release softgel capsule.

The benefits of Algigel softgels are:
• No taste or after taste
• No reflux
• No degradation of actives at low pH
• Better shell barrier properties
• Cost effective (lower cost than coating)
• Good aesthetics (clear shelled softgel)

Algigel capsules are particularly suited to omega 3 softgels, where consumers often report reflux or “fishy burps” which are significant barriers to use. Algigel capsules do not release their contents in the stomach, but through the innovative technology, delay this to the intestine. This means that fishy burps are significantly reduced and makes omega 3 more attractive to more consumers.

Algigel can also be used for other acid sensitive active ingredients. Contact us if you’d like to discuss your product using Algigel technology.