Gelatin Softgels

Gelatin is the most prevalent softgel type and is used to manufacture our standard softgel capsules. We can accommodate one of the widest varieties of capsule fills in the industry, due to our expertise in complex softgel manufacture.

We routinely manufacture capsules using gelatin from bovine sources and also manufacture many softgels using fish gelatin, which can be key point of differentiation for certain products and is a particular speciality of EuroCaps.

All of our gelatin raw material complies with European legislation and for bovine gelatin, it comes with a Certificate of Suitability issued by EDQM (European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & HealthCare). It also undergoes rigorous quality checks by our Quality Department before we accept material for use.

Gelatin itself comprises chains of amino acids derived from collagen and is highly processed and purified into two types, namely acid-processed (Type A) and alkali-processed (Type B). These two have slightly differing technical properties and can be used individually or in blend form.

Many of our customers have a variety of religious and dietary requirements which we can accommodate, including supply and use of Halal and Kosher gelatins (and in certain instances, we can also supply Halal or Kosher finished capsules). We also have a vegetarian option described below.

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