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Nutritional Gummies

nutritional gummies

Introducing Eurocap’s latest technology. Nutritional Gummies. Using a state of the art, starch-free manufacturing process, Eurocaps can now manufacture and supply high quality nutritional gummies from our UK manufacturing site.

All Eurocaps gummies are 100% plant based (Vegan or Vegetarian).

  • Pectin only; no gelatin or animal derived ingredients.
  • A wide range of active ingredients can be incorporated.
  • Eurocaps uses natural colours and flavours to taste mask and formulae great-tasting gummies.
  • Full formulation and development service including laboratory and pilot scale services.
  • Full packaging service available

Available Shapes

nutritional gummy varieties
  • Berry
  • Teddy Bear
  • Dome
  • Custom and further standard shapes planned

Eurocaps gummy manufacturing uses a reusable and cleanable tooling system rather than traditional starch mogul process. The result is:

  • No cross contamination
  • Consistent shapes and definition
  • Greater accuracy of dosing

Products Available in 3 Base Formulations

  • Full Sugar
  • Reduced Sugar
  • Sugar Free (coming later this year)

Standard and bespoke products available

gummy bears

Bespoke Products:

At your request we can create, design and formulate your bespoke gummy.

Please get in contact to discuss your Nutritional Gummy requirements.