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We are softgel leaders and experts in complex softgel manufacture, as well as being able to manufacture all types of standard softgel formulations. We offer a variety of softgel types and dosage forms, including bovine and fish gelatin softgels, Vegesoft® vegetarian softgels, Softburst™ chewable softgels (also available in Vegetarian and fish gel) and EnteriSoft-1Step delayed release softgels. We have an extremely diverse softgel product range and manufacture over 3,000 formulations from simple oil products to complex paste formulations.

For our complex softgel and paste formulations, we have invested significantly in plant, equipment and people to ensure we supply a very high quality and consistent product for which we are market leaders.

Another of our softgels specialities is encapsulation of high strength fish oils. We have highly specialised equipment, vessels and procedures, including onsite nitrogen generation, which are specifically designed to minimise oxidisation and maintain quality of these highly sensitive oils throughout manufacture and during shelf life.

In our encapsulation department, we have two machine sizes which provide us with great flexibility and the ability to produce both small and large volumes of softgels efficiently.

We are able to offer a wide range of colours through the expertise and complexity of our gelatin preparation department and also many sizes and shapes of softgels, though our own in house Engineering company.

Our nutritional gummy capability is utilises a state of the art starchless gummy machine. We made this significant investment in 2021 and are one of the first established European CMO’s to utilise our nutritional supplement expertise to offer nutritional gummies. The starchless process ensures no cross contamination which can be associated with the traditional starch mogul method and the high precision dosing machine results in gummies of extremely high quality.

Our facility is state-of-the-art and we operate a very lean, flexible and efficient process. We operate continuous improvement programmes and regularly invest significantly to ensure our facilities and equipment are industry leading. Our current capacity is in the region of 2.5 billion softgels per year, with firm expansion plans in place to take that over 5 billion in a five year phased plan.

Many of our staff have been with the company for ten years or more, some since EuroCaps was founded in 1994. In that time, we have built up a wealth of vital experience in the manufacture of all types of softgel oil and paste products and, more recently, with Vegesoft® (vegetarian) and Softburst™ (Chewable) capsules.

To complement their experience, all our staff are highly trained for the manufacture of softgels and gummies and in GMP. Our softgel operations comply to cGMP standards with approval by UK MHRA.

We pride ourselves on our philosophy of continuous improvement and delighting the customer in all areas of manufacturing.

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