Nutritional Gummies

Introducing EuroCaps’ latest technology,
Nutritional Gummies. Using a state of the
art, starch-free manufacturing process,
EuroCaps can now manufacture and supply
high quality nutritional gummies from our UK
manufacturing site.

• All EuroCaps gummies are 100% plant based
(Vegan or Vegetarian)
• Pectin only; no gelatin or animal derived
• A wide range of active ingredients can be
• EuroCaps uses natural colours and flavours to
taste mask and formulate great-tasting gummies
• Full formulation and development service
including laboratory and pilot scale services
• Full packaging service available

Available Shapes:
• Berry
• Teddy Bear
• Dome
• Custom and further standard shapes planned

EuroCaps gummy manufacturing uses a reusable
and cleanable tooling system rather than
traditional starch mogul process. The result is:
• No cross contamination
• Consistent shapes and definition
• Greater accuracy of dosing

Products Available In 3 Base Formulations:
• Full Sugar
• Reduced Sugar
• Sugar Free (coming later this year)

Standard and bespoke products available.

Bespoke Products:
At your request we can create, design and
formulate your bespoke gummy.

Please get in contact to discuss your Nutritional
Gummy requirements.


Gelatin Softgels

Gelatin is the most prevalent softgel type and is used to manufacture our standard softgel capsules. We can accommodate one of the widest varieties of capsule fills in the industry, due to our expertise in complex softgel manufacture.
We routinely manufacture capsules using gelatin from bovine sources and also manufacture many softgels using fish gelatin, which can be key point of differentiation for certain products and is a particular speciality of EuroCaps.
All of our gelatin raw material complies with European legislation and for bovine gelatin, it comes with a Certificate of Suitability issued by EDQM (European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & HealthCare). It also undergoes rigorous quality checks by our Quality Department before we accept material for use.
Gelatin itself comprises chains of amino acids derived from collagen and is highly processed and purified into two types, namely acid-processed (Type A) and alkali-processed (Type B). These two have slightly differing technical properties and can be used individually or in blend form.
Many of our customers have a variety of religious and dietary requirements which we can accommodate, including supply and use of Halal and Kosher gelatins (and in certain instances, we can also supply Halal or Kosher finished capsules). We also have a vegetarian option described below.

Contact us if you’d like to discuss your new product.

Vegesoft Vegetarian Softgels

Vegesoft® vegetarian (non-gelatin) softgel capsules are yet another innovation from EuroCaps. We are one of the market leaders in Vegetarian softgels with over ten years of manufacturing experience and expertise.
Vegesoft® utilises a patented technology which produces a vegetarian softgel capsule with strength and stability comparable to animal gelatin capsules. Vegesoft® capsules use Starch and Carrageenan as the capsule shell ingredients. Carrageenan is an extract of seaweed, which is widely used in foods and is the functional ingredient in the capsule shell, producing a product of exceptional quality and strength.
The capsules are manufactured using broadly the same equipment as standard gelatin softgels. This allows our extensive softgel manufacturing experience to be applied to this exciting and innovative technology to achieve vegetarian softgels which are not compromised in terms of ingredients or quality.
In their natural state, Vegesoft® capsules are crystal clear, but they can also be supplied in different colours as well as different sizes and shapes exactly as per standard softgel capsules.
As a market leader in vegetarian softgels, it means Eurocaps Vegesoft® may be manufactured using almost the same wide variety of fill materials as traditional gelatin softgels.

Vegesoft® has these key benefits to offer:

• Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
• Free from materials of animal origin
• Wide variety of simple and complex fill materials (similar to standard gelatin capsules)
• Wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours
• Non GMO
• Robust, non-brittle capsules
• Great alternative to gelatin capsules

EuroCaps offers a complete service from development to finished product and we would be delighted to help create and supply your product with Vegesoft® technology.

Contact us if you’d like to discuss your new vegetarian product.

Softburst Chewable Softgels

SoftBurst™ capsules are another innovation from EuroCaps. They are great tasting, chewable soft gelatin capsules (made using gelatin or a vegetarian capsule shell) designed to improve the taste and convenience of supplementation.
SoftBurst™ capsules have chewable, quick dissolving capsule shells combined with great tasting, flavoured capsule fills. The SoftBurst™ concept is particularly appealing for children’s supplements or for the elderly where swallowing tablets or capsules is difficult. They also bring an added convenience to general supplementation in that they do not require water so can be taken on the go.
The fill of SoftBurst™ capsules has been designed to maximise its taste and mouthfeel. We use high quality flavours and taste masking ingredients, our own superior expertise in taste masking, as well as some of the highest purity active ingredients available, in order to deliver one of the finest products on the market. The capsule fill can be formulated to meet your own label claims and with a choice of flavours.
The capsule shell has been developed to be quick-dissolving as well as chewable to help reduce the time remaining gelatin spends in the mouth. Flavours which are complimentary to the capsule fill are included to maximise the taste.
SoftBurst™ capsules are widely used for Omega 3 formulations and EuroCaps expertise will ensure an excellent tasting capsule which is entirely fish taste free. Of course, SoftBurst™ capsules a can be used for many other formations as we can work with you to develop yours.
EuroCaps offers a complete service from development to finished product and we would be delighted to help to create and supply your product with SoftBurst™ technology.
As mentioned earlier, SoftBurst™ capsules can also be supplied gelatin free as Vegetarian or Vegan capsules.

Contact us if you’d like to discuss your new chewable product.

Omega 3 Softgels

Omega 3 is one of the biggest categories of nutritional supplement across the European Market and indeed many major Global Markets, with fish oil, the biggest sector in this category. It is driven by many factors, including a high consumer understanding of the benefits and continued positive scientific research.
Softgel capsules are one of the most popular ways to take Omega 3 supplements, as it protects the oil and provides a convenient dosage form. However, with more and more concentrated fish oils in the market, the expertise and care of the encapsulator is absolutely key to preserving the quality of the fish oil. This is where EuroCaps excels. We have been encapsulating concentrated fish oils since they were introduced to the market and over many years have invested in and developed many techniques to ensure the quality of the fish oil (in particular concentrates) is not compromised during the encapsulation process and beyond. Add to this that we are both Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Friend of the Sea (FoS) certified and are proud members of Global Organisation for Omega 3 (GOED), makes EuroCaps a first choice encapsulator for Omega 3 supplements.
We are also one of the few to offer Vegetarian Omega 3 including EPA and DHA in Vegan form, through our Vegesoft expertise.
Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more about our Omega 3 protection expertise and have EuroCaps look after you Omega 3 products.


EnteriSoft-1Step softgels are another innovation from EuroCaps. In partnership with the inventor, EuroCaps has developed this unique, patented delayed release softgel technology.

Unlike conventional delayed release softgels, which require a secondary coating process, resulting in a hazy appearance and a more expensive softgel, EnteriSoft-1Step utilises Alginate, a material from seaweed, in the softgel manufacturing process, to produce a perfectly clear, one step process, delayed release softgel capsule.

The benefits of EnteriSoft-1Step softgels are:

  • No taste or after taste
  • No reflux
  • No degradation of actives at low pH
  • Better shell barrier properties
  • Cost effective (lower cost than coating)
  • Good aesthetics (clear shelled softgel)

EnteriSoft-1Step capsules are particularly suited to omega 3 softgels, where consumers often report reflux or “fishy burps” which are significant barriers to use. EnteriSoft-1Step capsules do not release their contents in the stomach, but through the innovative technology, delay this to the intestine. This means that fishy burps are significantly reduced and makes omega 3 more attractive to more consumers.

EnteriSoft-1Step can also be used for other acid sensitive active ingredients. Contact us if you’d like to discuss your product using EnteriSoft-1Step technology.


EuroCaps is a global softgel and gummy supplier. Our key market is Europe but our sales are far reaching and include direct and indirect sales to almost every major global market.

As a contract manufacturer, we supply a very diverse range of products to a wide variety of customers including the largest brands, private labels, retailers and mail order companies. Softgels and Gummies manufactured by EuroCaps can be found in pharmacies, grocery stores, health food shops, through internet sales, mail order and direct marketing routes across Europe and further afield.

The variety of markets in which we work is one of our key strengths; our global reach enables us to identify trends early in one market and take these to customers in another, as powerful new product developments. This reach also helps us identify novel materials early, to take to our customers as innovations for new products and range extensions.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact us.